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How do I get to the hotel?

The hotel is centrally located within the San Francisco Bay Area. Directions can be obtained from multiple origination points at the following link: www.expresssfo.com/directions

San Francisco Airport Shuttle Service


During what hours does the hotel's complimentary shuttle service to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) run and where do I get picked-up?

The complimentary SFO shuttle runs between the hours of 4:00 AM to 1:00 AM. The shuttle service runs between the hotel and SFO every thirty minutes. Pick-ups occur at the hotel lobby and at the Departures Level of each SFO terminal, which is the floor above the Baggage Claim/Arrivals terminal. Airport signs will guide you to each terminal's designated Hotel Courtesy Shuttle Stop, which is the stop for all SFO Hotel Shuttle Buses. At each SFO stop, a white courtesy telephone is available so that you can contact the hotel with any questions that you may have. Since the shuttle runs on a strict schedule, you do not need to inform the hotel of your arrival as the shuttle will automatically arrive per the schedule. A pdf copy of the shuttle schedule can be obtained {C}{C}Shuttle PDF Download Acrobat Reader Upon your departure from the hotel to SFO, please arrive at the hotel lobby at least ten minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Seats are given on a first come first serve basis. No reservation or sign-up is required.

Do I need to make a reservation or sign-up to ride the hotel's SFO shuttle?

No. The shuttle runs on a fixed schedule. Since the shuttle service is shared with two other hotels and does run on a strict schedule, we do recommend that you arrive about ten minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Shuttle seats will be given on a first come first serve basis.
  • How long is the shuttle ride from SFO to the Hotel or from the Hotel to SFO?

    Generally, depending upon either traffic or the number of passengers riding the shuttle, the shuttle ride to SFO can take somewhere between five to ten minutes. Please contact your specific airline for recommendations concerning how early you should arrive at San Francisco International Airport. A list of airlines that serve San Francisco International Airport and their contact information can be obtained by visiting the following website: www.flysfo.com/web/page/airline/airlines/index.html Generally, the hotel recommends that you arrive at SFO at least one and a half hours before a domestic flight departure and two hours before an international flight departure.
  • What should I do if I need ADA or special assistance when riding the hotel shuttle?

    The hotel's shuttle service does have accessible lifts for individuals or groups that require special assistance when riding the hotel shuttle bus. Although not required, we do highly recommend that you contact the hotel with your intended pick-up times from both San Francisco International Airport or the Hotel so that the shuttle driver is well prepared and can take additional time with any special assistance that any of our guests may need.

General Hotel Information

  • Does the hotel have a restaurant or bar?

    No. However, the hotel does have many restaurant and bar options that are either within walking distance of the hotel or within a short drive. Upon your check-in, please ask the front desk associate to recommend any local restaurants or bars depending upon any preferences that you may have. Upon your request, the hotel will provide you with a list of staff recommended dining options.
  • What are the hotel's breakfast buffet hours?

    The complimentary breakfast at the hotel is served Monday through Friday between the hours of 6:00 AM to 9:30 AM. On Saturday and Sunday, breakfast is served between 6:30 AM to 10:00 AM.
  • What are the hours for the hotel fitness room, whirlpool spa, business center, and guest laundry facilities?

    The hotel fitness room and business center are both conveniently open Monday through Sunday twenty-four hours a day. Hotel vending rooms are also located on each floor and accessible twenty-four hours a day. The whirlpool spa is open between the hours 5:30 AM and 11:00 PM daily. Meanwhile, the guest laundry facilities are open between the hours of 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM.
  • Does the hotel offer special rates for large groups?

    Yes. Special rate requests can be initiated by either completing a Group Request for Pricing (RFP) at the following link: www.expresssfo.com/grouprfp or by contacting the hotel sales department at 1-888-797-6939.
  • Does the hotel offer corporate rates to companies that will be renting a large number of rooms throughout the year?

    Yes. Special corporate rate requests can be initiated by either completing a Corporate Request for Pricing (RFP) at the following link: www.expresssfo.com/corporaterfp or by contacting the hotel sales department at 1-888-797-6939.for more information please email us at reservations@expresssfo.com
  • What are the dimensions of the Strategy Meeting Room and Executive Boardroom?

    The Strategy Meeting Room is approximately one-thousand two-hundred and ninety-five (1295) square feet. The room is 35' x 37'. The Hotel Boardroom is two-hundred and thirty (230) square feet. The Strategy Room can comfortably seat up to thirty to thirty-five individuals in a classroom or theater type seating. Meanwhile, the Boardroom can accommodate up to ten individuals in a classic boardroom seating arrangement.

Information about San Francisco

  • How far is the Hotel from Downtown San Francisco?

    The hotel is just eight miles from Downtown San Francisco. During non-traffic hours, guests can get into Downtown San Francisco in little over ten minutes. Upon check-in, please ask the front desk agent about alternative suggested routes such as using Highway 280 that can save you time even during peak traffic hours.
  • How can I get to Downtown San Francisco?

    If you do not have a vehicle or choose not to use your vehicle, there are many public means of transportation to Downtown San Francisco. In order of cheapest to most expensive for a single traveler, you can ride the bus-Sam Trans (www.samtrans.com), BART-Bay Area Rapid Transit System (www.bart.gov), Caltrain (www.caltrain.com), or taxi, which is the most expensive form of transportation depending upon the number of individuals in your group travelling to Downtown San Francisco. Upon check-in, please ask the Guest Service Agent to recommend a method of transportation depending upon your situation, budget, needs, group size, and/or preferences. The hotel does provide complimentary shuttle service to the SFO BART Station.
  • Can I arrange for San Francisco tours from the hotel?

    Yes. The hotel can arrange various San Francisco, Monterey, Napa Valley, and other tours during your check-in at the hotel. Pick-up and drop-off for the tours are at the hotel. If you are interested, the hotel also has many Room and Tour Packages that can be purchased that include both accommodations and a tour at a combined discount. For additional information about our room and tour packages, please visit www.expresssfo.com/packagetoursor for more packages click here to view our other packages

Hotel Information and Policies

  • What is the hotel's cancellation policy?

    Except for pre-paid advance purchase reservations that cannot be cancelled, all other reservations can be cancelled without incurring a No-Show charge if the reservation is cancelled twenty-four (24) hours in advance and prior to 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Thus, a cancellation must occur at least one day prior to arrival and prior to 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time on the day prior to arrival. There are no exceptions to this cancellation policy. Reservations cannot be modified after the cancellation period has expired.
  • What will I need to check-in to the hotel?

    A valid government issued identification will be required for the named individual on the reservation who will be checking-in. In addition, the physical credit card used to make the reservation must be presented at check-in for verification purposes. If the card used to make the reservation is not physically present, a different card that is physically present must be used to charge the stay and any incidental expenses. Unless a valid credit card authorization form is on file with the hotel, the card used must belong to the individual checking-in and staying at the hotel.
  • How can I use my credit card or company card to pay for someone else's room charges?

    If someone else or a company will be paying for your room charges and/or incidental charges, please be sure that the individual or company responsible for payment either mails a check to the hotel so that it arrives at least seven business days prior to your arrival or completes a credit card authorization form in its entirety with the hotel at least twenty-four hours prior to your date of arrival. The credit card authorization form must be completed in its entirety and either sent, emailed, or faxed to the hotel in a legible form. A credit card authorization form can be sent to the responsible party by the hotel via fax or email. To request a credit card authorization form, please contact the hotel by phone at 650-589-0600 or via email at reservations@expresssfo.com. If payment is made by check, a credit card to secure incidental expenses will be required at check-in.
  • How can I request an accessible room?

    The hotel has various accessible room types. All of these rooms can be booked via any method used to book non-designated accessible rooms. If you have any special requests such as a roll-in shower or have any other questions regarding our accessible rooms, please contact the hotel directly at 650-589-0600 or via eMail at reservations@expresssfo.com.
  • Does the hotel accept pets?

    Other than acceptable service animals, the hotel does not allow pets. Any damages or clean-up resulting from any animal occupying the room will be charged to the registered guest. Repair work and/or clean-up is provided by a third-party company that restores the room to its original state. Billing rates may vary depending upon the amount of work involved.
  • Is the hotel a non-smoking facility?

    Yes. The hotel is a complete one-hundred percent (100%) non-smoking facility. Any guests who smoke any substance in either a guestroom or hotel common area will be charged a No Smoking fee for clean-up and remediation. Guests can smoke outside of the hotel in any area that is at least twenty-feet from any hotel entry or window.
  • What is the hotel's policy in regard to accepting packages and/or deliveries before the guest's check-in?

    As a complimentary service to our guests, we will accept packages or deliveries that are sent in advance of a particular guest's stay at the hotel. However, the hotel, under no circumstances whatsoever, will be held responsible for any packages or deliveries accepted and stored on behalf of an arriving guest. That is, the hotel nor its employees, affiliates, or assigns will be responsible for either verifying the accuracy of the shipment, securing the shipment in a safe location or manner, ensuring that the contents delivered are not damaged or stolen at any time, or assume any other responsibility or liability with respect to the delivery or storage.

Parking at the Hotel

What is the hotel's parking policy?

A parking charge of $9.99 per night per parked vehicle will be assessed for all cars that are parked in the hotel's parking lot. A parking permit will be issued at check-in. In order to avoid having your vehicle towed, the parking permit must be prominently displayed on the dash of each parked vehicle. Guests who purchase a Park Stay & Go package will have parking included for one vehicle per package purchased for the total number of parking days included in the package purchased. The night of the stay will count towards the number of parking days purchased in the package.


How can I park my car beyond my actual stay at the hotel?

If you are interested in parking your vehicle beyond your actual stay at the hotel, you can purchase a Park Stay & Go package, which can include up to fourteen days of parking for one standard sized vehicle in addition to a one night stay at the hotel. The hotel's Park Stay & Go Package is sold in packages that include three (3), seven (7), and fourteen (14) days of additional parking. Additional days of parking beyond the fourteen (14) days can be purchased at a rate of twelve dollars ($15.00) for each additional day. Arrangements for parking in addition to the number of days included in the package is both subject to availability and must be reserved and paid for at the time of check-in. Since the hotel does close out the sale of parking to others upon the payment for additional days of parking, guests will not be entitled to a refund if the additional days of parking are not used.
  • If I purchase a Park Stay & Go package, can I stay at the hotel at the end of my trip as opposed to the beginning of my trip?

    If, as part of your Park Stay & Go package, you are interested in staying at the hotel at the end of your trip as opposed to the beginning of your trip, please call the hotel at 1-888-797-6939 and request a Reverse Park Stay & Go Package. Under the Reverse Park Stay & Go Package, you will arrive at the hotel during your first day of parking and obtain a Parking Permit for one vehicle that must be prominently displayed on the dash of the vehicle. Upon your return, you will be checked-into the hotel for purposes of your stay. The package will be charged in its entirety for the full amount of the original reservation when you first receive the Parking Permit - your initial day of arrival. That is, if you choose to not stay at the hotel upon your return or if you return from your trip earlier than anticipated, the hotel will not pro rate the package charge for either any reduced days of parking or for the guest's decision to forego the one night's accommodation included in the package.
  • What time can I check-in?

    Check-in time is at 3:00 PM PST.
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